March 16, 2005

Fiber Frenzy

The Seattle Knitter's Guild had their annual Fiber Frenzy tonight. It was my first time. Primo stash for sale, I must say. Lorna's Laces, Mountain Colors, Noro, all for a song. I was very reserved and walked away with this.

Two skeins of Shepherd Sock in Black Purl, Shawls and Scarves and a skein of what is most likely Cascade 220. The total was $18.00. The yarn and book were $9 each and the 220 was on the free table. Ryan was there in her Dulaan Project t-shirt. I got to meet MaryB, who will be hosting a Dulaan knit-in on Saturday. And when I picked out some books to borrow from the library I saw that Janine had borrowed them previously. I never met Janine when she lived in the area but I read her blog now.

Jill, Marti and I went out for some Chinese food after we were done frenzying. Yum. I pulled out and started working on my Retro Prep which is now all one piece.

Then I saw it. I had knit the last four rows in the wrong color. Damn, I don't feel like ripping right now.

I'm still crawling through Birch. I've completed 18.5 rows so far.

I had tried earlier in the day to meet up with Em and Nipper for their virtual birthday party but my connection dropped out and I couldn't get back to the chat room.