February 7, 2006

Hold On To Your Hats

Yes, it's Sam and she's done. That wily bitch.

The saga of Sam is long. I started her on June 1, 2004. Things started going wrong in July. By mid-August 2004 we had separated. We got reunited in February 2005. On May 21, 2005 I started working on her again. By June 12, 2005 I was ready to put in the zipper. On July 19 I finally installed the zipper. Sadly it was a non-separating zipper. I had to rip it out. And now, a mere seven months later I have finally sewn in a separating zipper.

This gives me pause. Should I do another zipper-related project for the Olympics? I don't know.

Pattern: Sam from the Cotton Angora Collection by Debbie Bliss
Yarn: Bandolino
Needle: US6?? Inox??
Changes: I added a few inches to the body. It's still pretty short because I've *ahem* put on a little weight since I started this project nearly two years ago.