May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

Wes and the kids decided to "let me sleep in" this morning. Which means they woke me up several times and just as I was starting to get really pissed off they all cleared out. At one point this morning I woke up with my 6 year old lying next to me, the dog lying on me and my almost-8 year old sitting at the foot of the bed reading (the cat was in there somewhere too I think). I believe I had about 7 square inches of space to sleep on.

Anyway, they all took off and I slept alone(!) for a while then got up and did what any mother does when she finally has the place to herself--cleaned. I also got ready to make dye stock solutions but realized that each color needs to simmer for 30 minutes then cool in the pot and I have nine colors. I don't think that's how I want to spend my entire afternoon. I've set it all aside and will tackle at least part of it tonight.

Molly and Jeanne came over last night to knit. I finished sewing up Block #19 and knit and extra square. I am now ready to sew up the final block! Then I have to figure out how to arrange the blocks and continue sewing until I become demented.

Happy Mother's Day!