July 12, 2008

Noro, Noro, Noro

So the Ziggy socks. Yeah, they're not working out. When we last saw them they would not fit over my heel. I ripped out the short row heel, added a few more rounds, knit a flap heel with gusset. They fit over my heel at that point but I knew I was just getting to the tricky spot. I switched needle sizes up to a 3 at this point. I've knit several rounds and it just barely fits over my heel if I struggle with it but it's too long in the foot now. I can rip back and knit the heel again (on small needles--you can practically read through this heel) but really the whole socks is just a little too snug. I should probably rip out the entire thing and reknit it on 3s until the heel then switch to 4s for the leg (and them possibly switch to 5s as I work up the leg). Frustrating.

So instead I've been knitting my easy, peasy Kureyon bliss project. Hexagons. I love those things. It reminds me of knitting the squares for my psychedelic squares but with no seams to sew up later. I am deeply in love with this project at the moment.

I'm in denial about how soon I leave for camp (Thursday!). I don't know what I'm bringing with me yet.

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