November 7, 2009

Weather and WIPs

The weather here is grim.

Nothing but rainy miserable darkness and the 10-day forecast shows no change. It makes taking photos really difficult.

Since coming back from the retreat I've been working on the border of my hexagon blanket. I have it on four circular needles ranging from 24 to 47 inches. I just knit the stitches off one end of a needle on to its other end. Like the two circular method but amplified. I have about 50 grams of the Kureyon and the Lana Loft combined. I thought I would get another skein of Lana Loft and make the border deep but I'm getting to that "I just want it done" point and, well, I just want it done.

I finished Damson last night. The second skein made my hands even bluer than the first. I immediately set it to soak in a vinegar bath. This morning the water was perfectly clear. I pulled the shawl out and rubbed it on my hands and got all blue. Now I have a pot of water on the stove with lots of Dawn dishsoap and vinegar in it. I'm going to give this a good, hot wash and hope that deals with this crocking.

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November 1, 2009

Slipped Away

I went away for five days and didn't even tell you. I headed to Port Townsend for my annual knitting retreat. As always there are no classes or any set activities. Just hanging out knitting or spinning or sleeping or shopping or reading or walking or doing whatever you feel like doing. Last year was definitely a spinning year. This year was a knitting year.

I knit a Koolhaas hat in Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk Aran.

I knit up all the yarn I had for Damson. I'm going to continue it in another colorway of the same yarn. It wont' match. I don't care at this point. It still turns my hands very blue.

I cranked on my hexagon blanket. I haven't worked on it since last November but this weekend I finished the main rectangle and have started to pick up for the border. I need to pick out a solid color to mix in tomorrow when I'm at work.

I bought some really primo stash. Someone was selling the exact yarn in the exact colorway I wanted for the Mondo Cable Cardi for less than I could get it with my discount at work. Yoink! I also got a sweater's worth of O-Wool Balance, a few skeins of Satakeili, many magazines and books and a small cone of shetland-type wool that shades from light to dark blue. I love it all!

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December 15, 2008

Hello Old Friend

For the last few days, since finishing my mittens, I've been working on my hexagon blanket and my sock yarn blanket. Since blankets aren't very portable I wanted to start a smaller project. I had my leftover STR from my Selbu Modern sitting on the table next to my computer. I decided to knit it up in a simple sock pattern. I picked out the Retro Rib socks by Evelyn Clark. I knit the cuffs on Saturday night. I was not happy. My gauge was too loose. The pattern was not flowing for me. I set them down. Then yesterday I dug out my Giant Latvian Mitten Cardigan. I was able to find all the yarn and the chart right away which is good since I haven't looked at it since I got home from camp. After a bit of a slow start trying to remember what my chart notations meant I was off and running. It's nearly doubled in length since yesterday. I'm into the third chart. I'm happy.

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November 17, 2008

Promiscuity Will Get You Nowhere

I've been dabbling all week. Flitting from one project to the next and back again. I've done lots of knitting though. (My camera battery just died while I was out taking photos so you'll have to use your imagination for this post.)

Evening Stocking for a Young Lady: I have turned the heel on the second sock. Just need a few hours to finish this one off.

Hexagon Blanket: I have squared up two sides. This took a lot of time and trial and error to understand what spaces needed to be filled in to make a rectangle. I believe I know what I need to do to complete this project. This makes me feel like it should already be done since I've already completed it in my mind. Instead I think I still have about a third left to knit.

Merino Baby Dress: I reknit the body and cast off last week. It's been sitting waiting for me to finish up the edging on the the armholes and neck opening.

Sock Yarn Blanket: I pulled this guy out of the trunk last night when I went to the movies. It's getting really big but I still think it won't be done for a few more years.

Red Red Raglan: On Friday my younger son told me that he wanted a sweater. A red sweater. I pulled some REALLY RED yarn that I got for him a few years ago and cast on for a seamless raglan. I started it on Saturday afternoon. The body is done and I have just started the sleeves. The yarn, Merino Mix 100 by Madil, is discontinued. It's a real shame. It's a wonderfully squishy, drapey yarn that knits up beautifully and is machine-washable. I'm glad I stashed this one. I'm a little worried that I won't have enough to complete the sweater so I brought my son by the shop yesterday to pick out a color of Bingo to use for stripes in the yoke. He picked a very bright blue to go with the intensely vivid red. It's a color palette that proudly declares, "I was selected by an 8 year old boy!"

So which project should I work on tonight at Purlygirls? I can't decide so I'm bringing them all.

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November 11, 2008

Straighten Up and Knit Right

Last night as I headed to Purlygirls I realized--with a shocked gasp--that I had left my knitting at home. But, as you should know by now, I always have emergency knitting in the trunk so I wasn't too upset. When I opened the trunk to pull out my sock yarn blanket I realized that my hexagon blanket was in there too! Excellent.

I discussed on the last podcast that I wanted to knit the half-hexagons on one edge so I would have a straight line and some kind of guidepost about where to go next. I've been knitting pretty randomly on this thing and can't ever seem to get my bearings. Of course the first half-hexagon I knit went in the wrong place. Ugh. I ripped it out. By the time I went to bed last night I had two done and the start of a straight line. It needs some steam because it doesn't look too straight yet.

I'm all fired up to get this done now!


November 2, 2008

Hola Amigos

That's what my younger son said to me when I got home.

What a great week.

We stopped at FOUR yarn shops on the way to the retreat. The first was The Artful Ewe. I gave in and splurged on 3 ounces of hand-dyed angora top. I was a little anxious about how well I could spin it but it was so easy to work with. I was able to spin and ply the whole thing during the retreat.I ended up with about 210 yards of sport/dk yarn. It's really soft and lovely. I'm very pleased.

I finished the baby dress. Then I realized that you shouldn't do centimeters to inches conversions in my head at 2 am. The dress is several inches shorter than it should be. I can't decide between ripping out the last 15 rows and bind off and reknitting or cutting them off and grafting them back on later.

I worked a lot on my hexagon blanket. It's getting bigger and more blankety.

I bought a lot of yarn at the stash sale.

I bought a lot of books and magazines at the stash sale.

I had a wonderful time. Next year I'm going for a full week!

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September 1, 2008

Quatchi Loves Hexagons

Here is my progress on the Kureyon hexagons modeled by Quatchi. He is one of the three mascots for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. We picked him up for younger son in Prince Rupert. We're all loving Quatchi.

I brought my Auburn Camp Shirt on the cruise and my hexagons as backup knitting. I knit on the shirt the first day--when we were all really queasy--and now I feel faintly ill when I think of knitting on it. Instead I got a lot done on my hexagons. I even gave them a good steam when I got home to flatten them out so I could see where I was going a little better. I've spent the last few days sitting and knitting while watching all my Elizabeth Zimmermann DVDs. I got Knitting Workshop just before I left and didn't get to watch it until I got home. The sweater I modeled my Ravelympic project on makes several appearances in the videos.

Last night I was feeling burnt out on hexagons and really wanted to start something new. After watching the DVDs I decided to start a Pi shawl. I've never knit one before. I'm using Kimmet Croft Softie Lite in a very pale blue that I got at camp last year. I'm only up to 72 stitches and still haven't decided exactly what I want to do with the areas between in increases. This is going to be fun.

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July 12, 2008

Noro, Noro, Noro

So the Ziggy socks. Yeah, they're not working out. When we last saw them they would not fit over my heel. I ripped out the short row heel, added a few more rounds, knit a flap heel with gusset. They fit over my heel at that point but I knew I was just getting to the tricky spot. I switched needle sizes up to a 3 at this point. I've knit several rounds and it just barely fits over my heel if I struggle with it but it's too long in the foot now. I can rip back and knit the heel again (on small needles--you can practically read through this heel) but really the whole socks is just a little too snug. I should probably rip out the entire thing and reknit it on 3s until the heel then switch to 4s for the leg (and them possibly switch to 5s as I work up the leg). Frustrating.

So instead I've been knitting my easy, peasy Kureyon bliss project. Hexagons. I love those things. It reminds me of knitting the squares for my psychedelic squares but with no seams to sew up later. I am deeply in love with this project at the moment.

I'm in denial about how soon I leave for camp (Thursday!). I don't know what I'm bringing with me yet.

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July 6, 2008

Change of Course

After looking at my sock and thinking about it for a while I decided to knit a flap heel. I'll increase the gussets until it fits my ankle properly (I hope). But I was getting tired and frustrated last night and my hands were sore so I started a new project instead.

All the stranded knitting had been making me think of the Giant Latvian Mitten Cardigan I never started after camp last year. I started to think it would be a good project to bring to camp with me. Camp starts in just a few weeks! But after finding the pattern I just couldn't bring myself to start another project on small needles. My hands need a break. Everything I'm knitting is on a 1 or a 2. After falling down some Ravelry rabbit hole I realized that I have 14 skeins of Kureyon just waiting to be turned into a blanket. I cast on for Bobby's Garden.

I intended to cast on 96 stitches for the hexagons. My first cast on I didn't start with a long enough tail and ended up with only 60 stitches. I decided to knit it anyway to see what the finished size would be. Too small. The top two are the original plan, 96 stitches.

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