September 20, 2009

What We're Up Against

Wes and I have recently renewed our commitment to housework. Or at least decided that we could not go on living in such a chaotic, messy, disorganized, dirty house. So housework it is. So far we've been pretty pleased with ourselves. We reclaimed the dining room table and hutch, the kitchen counters are clear and clean, the bathrooms are clean, the drains are clear, the floors are vacuumed (more than once!), the dishes are done, homemade dinners have been served for over a week, bookcases have been decluttered, clothes washed and put away...and on and on.

Yesterday I had the boys join me in their playroom for a serious declutter/organize. When we started the door wouldn't open all the way because of all the junk on the floor. This is what we pulled out.

That's all recycling plus three garbage bags. 106 pound dog provided for scale. She looks embarrassed for us, doesn't she?


September 9, 2009

Next Time Just Stay Out of the Office

Swatching is just no good for me. Georgie is done. Coraline is done (full post with photos later). It's time to start a new sweater. I pulled out my Sundara Silky Merino and wound a skein. I pulled out my needle case which was a mess. I decided to be good and get it all organized. After putting away all my needles I still couldn't find my US6 Addi Lace needles. Hmmm. I went into the disaster area known as my office. The needles, I decided, must be in here. Once I started pulling stuff out I had to keep going. I pulled out my entire yarn stash. I went through it all, reorganizing, bagging things up to protect from moths, tossing a few things that had not been protected. I pulled out every project bag in the house. I went through them all. When it was all over it was midnight and I had a much more organized office (fabric stash will have to be next) but still no needle for my swatch and no time left to knit.

This morning as I was getting my older son ready for his first day of middle school (!) I walked by a bag full of class supplies from Sock Summit. And in the bag? My size 6 Addi Lace needles! But it doesn't matter now because once I had gathered all my Cascade 220 scraps in one place last night I realized I needed to start a Fish Hat immediately.


January 2, 2009

Forestry is growing and growing. I've finished the body up to the armholes and started the sleeves, two at a time. I'm racing to get this done because I want to knit all this.

Churchmouse Yarn on Bainbridge is doing a show on the Elizabeth Zimmermann Fair Isle Yoke Cardigan. It's probably my favorite knit ever. I wear mine several times a week and always gets loads of compliments on it. I want to knit this new one in time to go to the show at the end of February. It only took me about a month to knit the first one. I think this one should go even faster. I had this new colorway in mind for a very long time. In fact for so long that when I pulled out my color notes to get my yarn I discovered that most of the colors I had selected were no longer available. I picked new colors on the fly last week at the shop. This is good old Cascade 220. I realize looking at the photo that the two darkest reds in the center are much, much too close and I need to swap one of those suckers out for a darker shade.

My greatest achievement today--and quite possibly for the year--is this.

This is my coffee table. Please notice that there is nothing on it. Not a single thing on it or on the shelf below. Nothing. I believe this is the first time the top of the table has seen the light of day since it got dragged into my living room. Thank goodness it doesn't require oxygen or sunlight to survive or it would have shriveled up months ago. Now do we want to take any bets on soon it will be mounded up with crap again?

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February 10, 2007

Blame Oprah

There is no knitting.
There is dusting.
There is vacuuming.
There is organizing.
There is cleaning.
It's all Oprah's fault that I barely recognize the place.
Even the Christmas tree is gone.

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