September 22, 2008

On Edge

I've started the edging on my Pi. This is Cypress Edging from a Weldon's Practical Needlework reproduction. I'm about 1/6 of the way around the shawl now and need to weigh the yarn to see if I have enough to actually make it all the way. If not I'll rip it, knit more of the body of the shawl then do a crochet loop cast off. Not my favorite but doesn't take as much yarn.


September 10, 2008

Pi Progress

I want to offer you something other than grumbling about people's driving habits.

Still love the Pi. Still haven't touched another project. I'm nearly at the end of my second of four skeins. I'm switching to a larger needle so I had a short window of opportunity to snap a photo of it semi-spread out.


September 6, 2008

I Like Pi

Most of the time, if you ask my younger son a direct question, he replies, "I like pie." I always took it as a random, weird thing he did. A bastardization of Mr. Krabs on Spongebob saying, "I like money." But it turns out, perhaps by coincidence, that it is a thing people say to avoid a conversation. Is he a genius or did he learn this somewhere? We will probably never know.

Anyway, I love knitting my Pi Shawl. I've finished one skein of four so far and have not even glanced at another project since I cast on. The lace patterns were selected hastily from Barbara Walker. So far I've used English Mesh and Spider Stitch. Next up will most likely be something very simple and columnated (I had to double-check that that was really a word). Or I might go with something leafy again. I have about 8 more rounds before I have to decide.

Lace, I love you. Why have we been apart for so long?

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September 2, 2008

Making Pi

I have been spending time watching my Elizabeth Zimmermann* video collection since I got back from Alaska. I have been meaning to make a Pi shawl for a very long time. As I was listening to Elizabeth describe the process I could see the yarn I got at camp last summer to make a shawl. Before I could be distracted by something else, I leapt up and got the yarn wound, grabbed a needle and cast on. After the fourth set of increases I decided to go off in my own direction. I got out my Barbara Walker treasuries and impulsively picked a lace pattern that would fit my number of stitches.

It's coming along nicely.

Last night, in bed I picked out a few more patterns. I'm not going to think too hard about this. I'm just going to go where the lace takes me.

*I'd like to add that Zimmermann has two Ns, not one as I see so often.

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