February 7, 2010

Spring Sprang

I know most of you are buried under snowdrifts and all cold but Seattle has been crazy warm this year. We never saw even a hint of snow and now it's spring. Yesterday it was 60° and my older son and I went for a long walk with the dog. There were crocuses and cherry blossoms popping up everywhere. So weird!


December 21, 2009

School Rivalry

A local school rivalry has turned into an internet sensation. Shorecrest High School challenged Shorewood to a lipsync video competition. They put together this fun but facile rendition of Outkast's Hey Ya.

Then they got their asses handed to them, in my opinion, by Shorewood's awesome backwards rendition of You Make My Dreams Come True.

What do you think? You can vote for your favorite one here.


February 2, 2009

I'm a Northwest Icon

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Today I

I know there was that whole football thing but I like my way more.


January 4, 2009

In the Words of Emerson Cod

Oh hell no!


December 31, 2008

Disgruntlement Pays Off

Seattle to use salt in future storms

Of course, now it won't snow for another two years.

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December 25, 2008

Snow, Snow, a Thousand Times Snow

I took this picture to illustrate just how much snow and ice remains on my street. It did rain a bit yesterday and things started to melt. But now it's snowing again! Really hard. Sigh...


December 23, 2008

Let the City vs. Snow Staring Contest Begin!

December 21, 2008

Snow End in Sight

Snowpocalypse '08 rages on. Now in most cities snow falls and people come along and clean it up. In Seattle snow falls and we stand around waiting for it to melt. Well folks, it's not melting. And I work in retail and there are no snow days in retail. In fact today I had to go to work because several co-workers felt they were not able to come in.

Morning snow

It started snowing the moment I got to work.

Phinney Ridge just as it started to snow again

It snowed all day and still has not stopped!

Night snow

It's supposed to keep snowing through the night. Fortunately--or unfortunately--if I am unable to drive to work I can walk. It's a long walk and pretty much all uphill but I can do it if necessary. My car handles pretty well in snow and I drive pretty carefully and cautiously. I'm still not looking forward to tomorrow's commute.

The fingerless gloves are kind of mostly done. I need to rework the fingers. But I tossed them aside to work on a few small gifts. (I won't put any pictures here so as not to spoil any surprises but you can look my projects on Ravlery if you're curious).

Wes and I made a run to the grocery store last night for a few essentials and spotted some knitting on the wine aisle.

I hope it doesn't seem like I'm complaining. I love the snow. I just went out and shoveled just to spend some time listening to it fall. The city is sooooo quiet these last few days. It's wonderful.

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December 19, 2008

Blame it on Snow Madness?

As you all suspected I do have a little yarn lying around the house. In fact I bought a skein of yarn yesterday to make Wes a pair of fingerless gloves. So I pulled it out last night and cast on. And then I put on Coupling (Season 3) on Netflix Watch Instantly and knit my little hands off.

It is not my way to make a lot of changes to patterns but when it came time to knit the fingers on these I had to go my own way. The pattern I was using has you knit the cuff, start the thumb gusset, knit the rest of the hand then knit the fingers starting with the index finger. Look at your hand. Most people's pinky finger starts lower than their index finger. In the other gloves I've knit I've started with the pinky finger first, knit a few rounds and then knit the rest of the fingers. I'm also unhappy with the number of stitches I used for the fingers. Pinky is too small, middle finger is baggy.

At this point it was around 2:45 am. I decided to be sensible. Instead of ripping out and reknitting the fingers in the middle of the night I cast on for the other cuff! What was I thinking? Why didn't I just go to bed? Even when I went to bed I was awake for a while thinking about what other changes I needed to make to the gloves.

And now I'm am completely exhausted and I'm home with the kids for the end of Snow Week '08. My poor beautiful sweater is still stuck at the shop. I really wanted to show it to you. I've started the fourth chart in the main colors.

Snow, Day 2

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December 18, 2008

Snow My Goodness!

Well that will teach me to complain.


December 17, 2008

Oh Come On!

Now school is canceled because it might snow today. That is just silly.

BTW, there was absolutely no snow overnight.

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December 16, 2008

Again With the Snow

What the National Weather Service is saying: Tonight: A 50 percent chance of snow after 10pm. Increasing clouds, with a low around 27. South wind between 3 and 8 mph. Total nighttime snow accumulation of less than a half inch possible.

What our customers were saying all afternoon: It's going to snow 6 inches tonight!

Where do they come up with this stuff?


December 14, 2008

I Have Commanded It

The kids, dog and I are all very happy with the snow. The rest of Seattle...not so much.


December 12, 2008

A Pep Talk for Seattle

People of Seattle,

Chill the fuck out. There is a possibility of "a few snow showers." You all are acting like Armegeddon is imminent. It's a little snow. Maybe. Just don't do any unnecessary driving on hills. You'll be fine.

You may also be concerned because it is supposed to get cold. By which I mean Seattle-cold. Yes, it will go below freezing. There may be a 24 hour period where it stays below freezing. You'll be okay. Just shelve those flip flops and your lightweight fleece and put on some socks and a coat.

You will survive this. I have faith in you.



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September 16, 2008

Still Another Great Seattle Headline

August 3, 2008

Yet Another Great Seattle Headline

August 2, 2008

Well That Explains It

The Dead Baby Bike Race kick off was just down the street from the shop tonight. While we had our first Friday spinning group cyclists kept streaming by on all manner of bike. One of these even went by.


July 28, 2008

When Does Summer Begin?


July 16, 2008

Seen on the Ballard Bridge


June 22, 2008

Crossover Episode

Jenny Check from Stash and Burn and her husband, Harold, visited Seattle this weekend. I learned about their plans to visit while listening to Stash and Burn #55. I had spaced out a bit for a moment then snapped back when I realized that Jenny and Nicole were discussing Seattle. Then I realized that not only were they talking about Seattle, they were talking about me! Just then older son walked up and started talking. I told him to wait so I could hear what was being said.

"Why?", he asked. "What are they talking about?"
"They're talking about me," I told him.
I got a very dubious look.

Anyway, I picked up Jenny and Harold from their hotel and took them on a late Saturday afternoon yarn crawl. We only made it two shops because we got distracted by cupcakes. It was wonderful to meet them both. When I would turn my head and I could hear Jenny talk it was the oddest feeling. The voice is so familiar but the person is all new.

Any other knitters visiting Seattle? Let me know.

Jenny got to briefly meet my podcasting partner, Erin. I was kicking myself later. I should have recorded at least a minute or two of all three of us together. It could have been like when the cast of Diff'rent Strokes would show up on The Facts Of Life.

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June 17, 2008

Tiny House Woman

The woman who became somewhat famous for not selling her tiny cottage so that developers could put in a Trader's Joes died today. What will happen to her little house now?

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June 4, 2008

More Media Outlets for Me

I was interviewed many months ago by a newspaper reporter about and the story just came out today.

Wes has started a blog for our neighborhood. I am one of the contributors.

Wes noticed that the above article mentioned our neighborhood but didn't notice that I was in the article! I don't think he read it very closely.

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May 6, 2008

Another Big Seattle News Day

Raccoon causes power outage in Ballard

I particularly enjoyed the line, "they could tell by the smell that an animal was involved."

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April 19, 2008


I will join everyone else in Seattle in saying, "It's fucking snowing outside! What the hell is happening?"

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April 4, 2008

What Qualifies as News in Seattle

Lost iPod returned to retired Oregon hairdresser.

I'm confused. It is newsworthy because she's retired or because she's from Oregon?

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March 30, 2008

Nearly a Bust

Today did not go as planned. We were going to have dim sum at Jade Garden then head to the Seattle Art Museum first thing this morning. But Bella has developed some sort of medical issue (gross and not worth discussing) so Wes took her to the vet. They haven't found out what's wrong yet but she's otherwise fine. So we head off to the International District two hours later than expected. The wait at Jade Garden was long and the kids were not feeling patient. Wes ran over to the House of Hong and got us a table immediately. You know there's a reason that one place had a long wait and the other had no wait. The food was meh. We ate quickly and headed to Kinokuniya. Usually the kids are game to look at all the Pokemon stuff for a while but today they just weren't feeling patient. Fortunately I found this cute lunchbag book. I'm participating in a lunch bag swap* and this is just the inspiration I need.

We headed to the museum and scored the greatest parking spot in the world. We were feeling happy and lucky as we headed in the door. Then there in the lobby were more people waiting in line than I have ever seen on all my trips to SAM combined in the last decade. It was mobbed. I got in the line to get a membership. I waited about 10 minutes and the line didn't move. It didn't keep the woman behind me from trying to shimmy around me or just stand so close behind me she kept bumping me forward. I was feeling really frustrated and let down. We headed back to the car. Wes got the great idea to stop at Le Fournil before they closed for some half-priced pastries (we were still hungry from the sub-par dim sum). We drove over only to find the pastry case empty. We trudged back to the car. We headed to U Village to get my son a book we promised him. At this point we were all feeling hungry, frustrated and generally pissy. We got the book and got out of there. When we got home I threw myself on the couch in a fit of pique (and MSG?) and fell dead asleep for three hours.

In an attempt to salvage something good out of the day, Wes fed the kids then gathered them up to accompany us to dinner at El Camino. They were reasonably well behaved and Wes and I got to have a grown up dinner. Nice.

I've been knitting away on my socks and have just turned the heel on the second one. they should be done in a day or two.

* I have been driving myself nuts on what to make. Do I sew something or knit something? I have too many ideas and I'm afraid my sewing skills might fall short of the visions of fancy-ass lunch bags in my head.

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March 11, 2008

Looking for New Talent

"The Fiber Gallery has a part-time sales position for an experienced and enthusiastic knitter. We are committed to friendly, helpful customer service, so sales experience is strongly preferred. Crochet and needlepoint/cross-stitch skills would also be nice. You must be comfortable helping and teaching other knitters, and be able to lift boxes and stock shelves. Work schedule will include at least one weekday plus weekend hours. We offer a relaxed work environment and a generous yarn discount. To apply, please email fibergallery@comcast.net with your work history and information about your recent knitting projects."


January 21, 2008

Another Great Seattle Headline

December 28, 2007

What Qualifies as News in Seattle

A naked fight over a dog. Seriously people? Is there nothing else to discuss?

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December 26, 2007

Christmas Miracles Abound

Miracle #1: Snow on Christmas Day in Seattle!

Miracle #2: I finished my first Bayerische. Sorry, no photo.

Miracle #3: No one cried or vomited on Christmas! A first for our family, I believe. We also went downtown and rode on the South Lake Union Trolley, better known as the S. L. U. T. It's a tragedy it doesn't go anywhere worthwhile.

Isabella wishes you all a joyous season.


December 18, 2007


Wes's company has created this festive greeting machine to send holiday cheer and fight hunger in Seattle. For every holiday greeting you send from the Holiday-O-Matic Worktank will donate 50 cents to Rotary First Harvest.


December 3, 2007

Washed Away

Saturday afternoon I was teaching a class on Terra Bear at the shop. The class became completely unfocused when it started snowing. It was coming down in huge, heavy clumps. It was starting to stick. Seattle folk kind of freak out when this happens. Mainly because it's so hilly and we have, like, 2 snowplows for the whole city. The snow continued through the afternoon. I went to my first "Basic Manners" class for Isabella then I went to meet Wes and the boys in Queen Anne, where they were baby sitting. It was coming down hard on QA. We were at the very top of the hill and it was a wall of snow. I stayed for only a short time and left to get the boys home for bed.

That's when I got stuck.

I didn't have my camera so I've created this picture to illustrate.

I somehow, very slowly and carefully, managed to crawl my way up this hill. There was the brief moment when the car began to slide backwards that I really panicked but like I said somehow we made it up the hill. Then we had to make it down the hill then up another hill. These are big hills. How big? So big that at the bottom of the hill it was 5 degrees warmer and raining while snowing furiously at the top.

Anyway, long story short. I made it home. By the time Wes left it was raining on Queen Anne so he didn't get any of the excitement on his way home.

Sunday was filled with boring errands and terrible rain. And today it's raining like the end of the world. Everything is flooded or flooding. Everything is damp and dark.

I'm almost at the heel of my second Laila sock and I've been working on a Terra Bear as a class sample. Other than that nothing much on the knitting front. I blame Bogglific on Facebook. Wes and I have gotten kind of addicted and have spent way too much time playing in the last few days.

And note to the guy sitting opposite me at the coffee shop right now: Your coffee drink may be delicious but that does not make it okay to repeatedly wipe out the inside of your cup with your finger and lick it.


October 12, 2007

Televised Knitting

Meg produced a segment about knitting for the Seattle Channel. I just happen to be in it...

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October 5, 2007

Nordic Knitting

I'm off to the Nordic Knitting Conference through Sunday. Have a great weekend everyone!


September 25, 2007

Now It's a Crime Wave

September 20, 2007

More Breaking Northwest News

Stolen rabbit! How heartless is that?


September 14, 2007

The Trouble with the Yarn Harlot

She's a wee thing. You can barely see her behind the podium. This makes it very hard to take a picture of her. It's a better picture of the first Stashbuster Spiral that I finished while Stephanie gave her talk. The second one is finished too.

After the talk I went to the Wedgewood Broiler with Amanda, Sarah, Sasha and Molly. It's old school. I mean, old school.

Check out the salads.

You're eyes aren't playing tricks. Those are cheese nips on the salad instead of croutons. And the peaches and cottage cheese? With a cherry. Could you just die?

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August 21, 2007

More Only in Seattle News

Oh yeah, this used to happen all the time when I lived in New York...*

*Please note use of sarcasm.


August 15, 2007

Do You Like Ice Cream? Do You Like Knitting?

The Seattle Knitters Guild is hosting an ice cream social tonight! Sitting around talking to knitters and eating free ice cream. What could be better?

7 pm tonight in the basement of the Wedgwood Presbyterian Church, 8008 35th NE, Seattle.


August 10, 2007

What Qualifies as an Emergency in Seattle

On Wednesday night as Wes and I were lying in bed I heard a siren. This isn't unusual. We live off a major arterial and emergency vehicles go by all the time. But the thing was the siren stopped just as it got to us. Then another siren and stop. Another and stop. I got up and looked out the window and could see red, white and blue flashing lights with more cars arriving. Hmmm, that's not good.

I could hear someone screaming, "You're a killer!!! You fucking killed me!!!!" over and over.

This went on for some time. I didn't sleep well, concerned about what had occurred just outside my house.

Well, we found out what it was.

Only in Seattle.


July 27, 2007

Stitch n' Pitch '07

I went to Stitch n' Pitch again this year. This year in my official capacity at Seattle Knitters Guild President. I had to get to Safeco at 4(!). The parking instructions I was given were not very clear and after discussing it with some security guys they parked me in the VIP area. I was next to the media and players' wives cars. I entered a security area and was ushered under the stadium into an elevator and popped out in the middle of all the SnP stuff. I was just there to hand out newsletters, answer questions about the Guild and give knitting help. I was lucky to have a table on Lookout Landing. It was shady, had a view of the field and was next to the Dixie's BBQ stand.

The field at 4.

The field at 7.

I loved all the signs this woman brought with her. I wonder if she got on camera with them.

Deb, from Village Yarn & Tea, was next to me spinning on her new Louet Victoria wheel. This alcohol enforcement guy was fascinated.

Sunset from the park.

Moon over Mariners.

I didn't watch any of the game. I knit and chatted with people. I had kettle corn (the most important part of the game for me). When the game was winding down I made a quick getaway back to my VIP parking spot and was practically ushered on to I-5 by the police. It took me 11 minutes from the moment I turned on my engine until I got to my front door. I was laughing the whole way home.


July 10, 2007

Summer Seattle Style

We're having a "heat wave" in Seattle. Today it got up to 90. Tomorrow it will be going up to 97 which is really fucking hot by anyone's standards. But here in Seattle we tend not to have air conditioning. So tomorrow you will find us at the mall.

But today we headed to the beach. We've been to several lately. The beauty of Seattle is that there is water in every direction. So far this summer we've taken the kids to Alki and Magnuson beach. They've headed to Greenlake, Madison beach and a few other bodies of water while at camp. We spent the morning at Carkeek. It was cool and breezy. The kids played in the sand and watched some guys with a set-up I've never seen before. They had some really light-weight half-circle sails that they had attached to their waists and a boogie board kind of thing. They were riding around, skimming and jumping in the water. It looked like a lot of fun.

I realized yesterday that I completely missed the start of the Tour de Fleece. I think between the late start and knitting camp next week (!) I will not be getting in 30 hours of spinning.

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July 4, 2007

Thank You. Come Again.

Seattle's got a Kwik-E Mart. It's right by Wes's office so I sent him over with the camera. You can see all the photos on my Flickr.

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May 9, 2007

Nancy Schmancy Fancy Pants

[Sorry the site was down for a while today. We were switching hosting services.]

Wes got me a gift certificate to Fancy for my birthday last month. Today we got together downtown for a de-li-cious lunch at Le Pichet. Wes had a pate plate with honeyed walnuts and stone-ground mustard. I had the eggs broiled with ham and gruyere. Then we shared a dessert called "Pets de Nonne." It deep-fried pastry dough with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. Oh man, good. I was worried that my French is really rusty because I knew the dessert was "Nun's [something]." I assumed it meant some kind of black and white thing. When I got home I ran it through a translator and found that it's "Nun's farts." They taste much better than you'd think.

I took the opportunity to visit the entire suite of shops--Nancy Schmancy Fancy Pants. Schmancy features unusual and handmade toys. Nancy carries stationery and original artwork. Fancy has unique jewelry and gift items. Fancy shares its space with Pants which has lingerie. My gift certificate was for Fancy. I was looking for earrings but left with a totally cool ring with a compass built into it.

[I tried to upload a photo but my camera and computer are having some kind of spat right now. I'll add it when they kiss and make up.]


April 29, 2007

Stupid Sinuses

I've had some miserable sinus thing going on for about a month now. I've been knocked out by headaches. If you see me and I'm grimacing, don't worry, it's not you.

Yesterday was spent at an all day spin-in at Weaving Works. I got a little help fixing the connection for my treadle. It was too long and the making treadling a real chore. My wheel is behaving much better now. I had one of those days where I didn't quite have the touch with the fiber. My rhythm was off or something but it was a bit of a struggle at times. I have just a little bit of the blue/brown merino that I have been spinning for a few months left to do.

Today we did a little exploring. It was opening day for the West Seattle Farmers Market. We don't go to West Seattle often and Seattle magazine had a little article this month on it. The market was nice and very similar to the other neighborhood markets we have in Seattle. Someone from the rather twee-named Coffee to a Tea with Sugar was giving out free mini-cupcakes. I had a mocha one and it was dense, moist and rich. Very nice. The balloon man was there.

There was also a horse-drawn carriage taking people around. We never figured out where it went or where to get on. We stopped at Bakery Nouveau which has been getting great reviews. It's the head baker from Essential Baking Company which I love. It's a lovely little shop. More heavy on pastries than sandwiches. Although they were just bringing pizzas out as we were leaving. The pastries--apple danish and chocolate croissant--were deliciously flaky and light.

I've had a bad run of Netflix rentals. First I got Mr. Show. I found it unwatchable. Honestly, I let it go for a while but I couldn't stand it. I skipped to the next episode which was also completely unwatchable. Popped it back in its envelope. Then I tried Little Murders. I like Jules Feiffer; I like Elliott Gould. Couldn't stand this. Could not bring myself to finish it. So then--now I was really going out on a limb here--I got Battlestar Gallactica. I hate sci-fi. Like hate, hate, hate it with very few exceptions. But everyone keeps raving about this show and saying it's not really sci-fi. So I tried it last night. I didn't hate it. I also was a little more interested in knitting my shawl. I also foolishly thought that "Battlestar Gallactica: Season 1: Disc 1" would be the beginning of the series. But no! Battlestar Gallactica: The Miniseries is the beginning so I kept asking Wes to explain everything to me. Of course, he hadn't seen the miniseries either. But he has seen the 70s tv show so he had some sense of what was going on or what the heck a Cylon was.

So with all the headaches, spinning and running around I've made very little progress on the shawl.

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