April 7, 2010

The Bad Boyfriend

If you've seen me in the last week I apologize. You'll have heard this already.

Before leaving on vacation I got the greenlight to start knitting again from my OT. 15 minutes at a time, then rest for 2-3 hours. Add 5 minutes each day if there is no pain. I was so happy to get this news and yet...I haven't been knitting that much. Knitting is now like a bad boyfriend to me. I love it but it hurt me a lot. Can I trust it again?

Over the course of my vacation I built up to 45 minutes of knitting with no pain. Then on Monday at Purlygirls I kind of wasn't keeping track of the time as well as I should have. Add to that using a computer all day which I did not do while on vacation. Tuesday mid-morning I started to have pain in my thumb and wrist again. Not a lot but something and it has me very scared and sad. To top it all off the sweater I started for vacation, Lloie's Cardigan, was coming out too large so I ripped out the first three or four inches. Now it's too small. I will have to rip it out again. This is very hard since it took me a week to do what I would normally accomplish in a day.

I did find something fibery while at Disneyland. Spinning wheels in Sleeping Beauty's Enchanted Castle!

It was moving and under glass so it was hard to get a decent shot with my phone.


March 3, 2010

Today's Post is Brought to You by the Letter S

Younger Son is Sick with Strep throat (again) and a Staph infection. While I'm Stuck at home I put on the Sashing for the Scrappy quilt blocks and Surfed the internet. This Sucks.

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February 17, 2010


Diagnosis: de Quervain's Disease. I've been referred to a hand specialist.


February 14, 2010


Madrona was great as always. I have photos from all of my classes and will try to get them up soon. My left wrist has been sore for the last few days. I thought it was from working on big, heavy Girasole. Today it got extremely painful and my lower arm started to swell quite a bit. I have been icing it and taking Ibuprofen to deal with the pain and swelling. I think this may kill any chance of competing in Ravelympics for me which is too bad.

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July 29, 2009

Breaking Records and Winning Awards

Seattle had its all-time hottest day ever today. We also had a new record high for the lowest temperature.

I live one block from the Best Corner for Sugar Addicts.

That's right. I'm sweaty and jacked up on sugar.


February 21, 2009

I Was Just About to Feel Good

I finished all the parts to my Asymmetrical Cardi last night. I wanted to watch tv (see previous post) and didn't think it was the right moment to start the seaming. I reached way down into the neglected knits pile and pulled out the Auburn Camp Shirt. I knit on it for an hour or two last night and this morning I pulled it out to mark the buttonhole placement. And that's when I saw it. I forgot the ribbed edge for the button band. The whole thing needs to be ripped out and reknit. Crap! Double crap!

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January 27, 2009

Another Collar Set Back

My theme for NaKniSweMoDo this year seems to be "screwing up the collar." The first sweater the collar screw up was in the pattern (and I still need to rip it out and reknit it). Tonight after I bound off the last stitch on my fair isle cardi I saw immediately that the collar was HUGE. After a lot of staring and counting stitches I realized that I had forgotten the final set of decreases in the yoke. What a screw up. I was in such a hurry yesterday trying to get the steek sewn before leaving for work that I just skipped the last part of the yoke. I've ripped it all out and am starting again.

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December 30, 2008

Oh Noes!

My computer isn't working right now. Posting may be sporadic until I can figure out what's wrong.

ETA: Everything is okay now. Phew.


December 18, 2008

Forehead Smack!

So I drove sloooooooooooowly to work to today in the snow. Everything was fluffy and white. It snowed all day long. We had a surprising number of customers considering the weather. I drove home even sloooooooooooooooooooooower. Everything is now compacted into a very thick sheet of ice. I have the day off tomorrow. School is going to be closed again (they already announced it). Now where is my knitting? In the office at the shop! D'oh!


July 29, 2008

It Could Be Worse


After felting and blocking

It definitely shrank and lost some stitch definition but it could have been much worse. I don't know if I'll be able to smooth out the ripples now. I tugged as hard as I could (breaking two blocking pins in the process). It's pretty smooth now but I have a feeling it will snap back a lot when I unpin it.

And I still feel like I'm going to throw up.

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That Sound You Hear...

Is me pounding my head against the floor.

I accidentally felted my Hemlock Ring blanket. The worst part is that it's not my yarn. I've been knitting this for the shop.

I've put the shawl in a pot with water and a ton of vinegar and am gently heating. Joyce Williams swears this will un-felt an accidentally felted item.

Keep your fingers crossed. I think I'm going to be sick.


May 30, 2008


I just realized my travel arrangements (I did not make them) for TNNA are wrong. I'm really hoping this gets fixed. Or it will totally suck.

Deep breaths.

ETA: Well, it's all taken care of and fine. I just need to get my heart rate back down.


April 27, 2008

Digging Out

I've been dealing with a problem that has me so ashamed I didn't want to blog about it. I have moths. I would see one occasionally flutter by. I tried to ignore it. It was/is too overwhelming to think about rounding up all the wool/yarn/sweaters/hats, etc. in the house to wash and inspect them. I was working in batches and never finding any moth damage or evidence. Finally I found, way in the back of my sock drawer, a cocoon and a single sock with a hole in it. I cleaned it all out. But then, flutter, flutter again.

Since getting the puppy I have kept my office completely shut. I don't go in there. It is dark, warm and full of wool. I finally pulled everything out into my dining room.

I cleaned up a lot of junk, threw out a lot of stuff and found a lot of moth evidence. I found cocoons and evidence of moth munching in several places. Remarkably I haven't found any real yarn or fiber with any damage yet. The biggest areas of "activity" were in warm, dark corners of the office where a small--tiny!--bit of wool was hidden under something else. I think and hope that moths are generally lazy. Why try to get into a Rubbermaid bin full of yarn when there is a warm, undisturbed meal way behind the desk in a corner that no one has cleaned out in three years? I have started rearranging and putting things away. I am also still seeing moths flutter by at night. The next stop is my closet. Wes pulled on a sweater today (granted a really, really old sweater that probably already had holes in it) and it was riddled with moth holes. I'm sad and scared about what I'm going to find destroyed in my closet.


March 30, 2008

Nearly a Bust

Today did not go as planned. We were going to have dim sum at Jade Garden then head to the Seattle Art Museum first thing this morning. But Bella has developed some sort of medical issue (gross and not worth discussing) so Wes took her to the vet. They haven't found out what's wrong yet but she's otherwise fine. So we head off to the International District two hours later than expected. The wait at Jade Garden was long and the kids were not feeling patient. Wes ran over to the House of Hong and got us a table immediately. You know there's a reason that one place had a long wait and the other had no wait. The food was meh. We ate quickly and headed to Kinokuniya. Usually the kids are game to look at all the Pokemon stuff for a while but today they just weren't feeling patient. Fortunately I found this cute lunchbag book. I'm participating in a lunch bag swap* and this is just the inspiration I need.

We headed to the museum and scored the greatest parking spot in the world. We were feeling happy and lucky as we headed in the door. Then there in the lobby were more people waiting in line than I have ever seen on all my trips to SAM combined in the last decade. It was mobbed. I got in the line to get a membership. I waited about 10 minutes and the line didn't move. It didn't keep the woman behind me from trying to shimmy around me or just stand so close behind me she kept bumping me forward. I was feeling really frustrated and let down. We headed back to the car. Wes got the great idea to stop at Le Fournil before they closed for some half-priced pastries (we were still hungry from the sub-par dim sum). We drove over only to find the pastry case empty. We trudged back to the car. We headed to U Village to get my son a book we promised him. At this point we were all feeling hungry, frustrated and generally pissy. We got the book and got out of there. When we got home I threw myself on the couch in a fit of pique (and MSG?) and fell dead asleep for three hours.

In an attempt to salvage something good out of the day, Wes fed the kids then gathered them up to accompany us to dinner at El Camino. They were reasonably well behaved and Wes and I got to have a grown up dinner. Nice.

I've been knitting away on my socks and have just turned the heel on the second one. they should be done in a day or two.

* I have been driving myself nuts on what to make. Do I sew something or knit something? I have too many ideas and I'm afraid my sewing skills might fall short of the visions of fancy-ass lunch bags in my head.

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January 23, 2008

What Time is It?

My sleep schedule is all out of whack. I'm still feeling pretty sick and have fallen asleep crazy early a few nights in the past week. Like last night I fell asleep at 7:30. So then I woke up at 11:30 and stayed up until 2. Or Monday morning for no good reason at all I woke up at 6 and could not fall back to sleep. All of this is cutting into my knitting time, my time with friends and my life in general. I'm am so very, very tired of being sick. My sinus infection seems pretty much cleared up but I'm still hacking and coughing and feeling like crud.

I have very little new knitting to report other than I have working on the gusset decreases on my second Bayerische and my Tangled Yoke is getting a little longer in the body.

What I can report on are documentaries. I have been on a small doc kick lately.

Grey Gardens: Albert and David Maysles's fascinating portrait of the Edith and Edie Beale, aunt and cousin of Jackie Onassis. Shot in 1975, it thrusts you into the strange, sad world of this mother and daughter living in a crumbling East Hampton mansion. There is no exposition, no explanation. You are just dropped into their home and observe their co-dependence and decay. Incredibly interesting. The Beale's lives are being turned into a feature film. Given that the director's only previous credits are PA positions on crap films I'm not feeling too hopeful about this turning out to be any good.

The Weather Underground: An informatiive, though terribly biased, history of the 70s radical group, the Weathermen. Mostly talking heads with some historical footage.

Little Dieter Needs to Fly: Werner Herzog's portrait of Deiter Dengler, a German-born US naval pilot shot down over Laos in the Vietnam war. His incredible story of his capture, life in a prison camp and eventual escape and rescue is heart-breaking and bizarre. Herzog revisited his story again in Rescue Dawn with Christian Bale which I hope to see soon.

Born Into Brothels: Zana Briski befriends and teaches children living in a brothel in Calcutta's red light district about photography. The film, which won the 2005 Oscar for Best Documentary, is both up-lifting and gut-wrenching. It beautifully illustrates the universality of childhood and hope.

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January 9, 2008

A Bright Spot on a Phlegmy Day

Thanks for all the well wishes. I'm doing a little better but not as good as I had hoped.

Yesterday while sitting around the house in my pajamas I heard the mailman come to the door. Actually I heard Bella start barking at the mailman as he came to the door. (This is funny to me because when she sees him on the street she walks up to him and sits because she knows he carries dog biscuits with him.)I went over to shush her and saw him put a package on the doorstep. A package? What could it be?

My order from Sonny and Shear! The super-cute Tulip baby sweater and some Smooshy sock yarn in Cocoa Kiss. I won a gift certificate from Kris last week. I completely forgot about it what with feeling all cruddy and sorry for myself. Thank you, Kris!

So anyone knit this Tulip sweater out there? Can you tell me how much of each color (approximately) it uses? (Never mind. A Raveler listed the exact amounts she used for the 6-9 month size.)I'm fantasizing about spinning and dyeing my own yarn for it. Or at least dyeing.

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August 13, 2007

Welcom to Satan's Sewing Room

When I got Amy Butler's In Stitches I thought many of the projects were too complicated for me. So I settled on the Desk Organizer. It's just a box. How hard can it be?

Well it turns out that it's really fucking hard. I have ripped and resewn (and in one instance actually ripped straight through the fabric) so many times. This pattern is evil. I was physically worn out from wrestling with the Timtex in my machine. And when I finally got it to a point where I thought I could live with it (even though it still looked like crap) I found a section along the top where I didn't catch both the interior and exterior fabric in the top-stitching. So I will set this aside and when I'm ready to rumble with it again I'll rip that out and redo it.

It's evil, I'm telling you. Evil!

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June 15, 2007

Trying to Breathe

I'm having a bit of a rough week. I've had a death in the family which has made lots of other little things, that normally would be merely irritating, seem like hugely horrible things. Little things like school ending--I like the children going away for six hours a day for free--, Wes going on a business trip, blackberries overtaking the house, dirty dishes. I'm this close to losing it.

Ravelry seems to be sending out more and more invitations each day. If you're still waiting, just hang in there. Among the truly cool things on the site is a new feature that allows you to search your needle inventory for a particular size via text message (sorry, this link will only work for current Ravelry users).

Let's see, what else?
The Good German was a huge disappointment. I knew the reviews had been luke-warm but since I'm one of about 32 people in the world who really loved Bubble I thought it might work for me. The most--or only--interesting thing about the film is how it was made. The film looks great. The score is great. But how is it possible to make George Clooney seems dull and unappealing. That is a trick. Maybe I need to go see Ocean's Thirteen this weekend. That should cheer me up.

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