August 14, 2009

Boiling Over

Gah! My life and my knitting have gotten totally out of control. I realize I never even finished my Sock Summit recapping and when I went to take some more photos I realized I never photographed things I brought home from camp! In addition to that I've lost my mind and am knitting on a bazillion projects at once right now. Or so it feels. I keep trying to remind myself of that FLYlady slogan , "You are not behind – you are just getting started." Am I ever!

Buttons from Jennie the Potter. They match my Miss Babs Sport perfectly!

Kimmet Croft Fairy Hare purchased at camp. It's 40% angora. Can you see the dreamy fuzziness? I think this might become a Featherweight Cardigan.

There was a free skein of Fat Fairy Hare with purchase!

Sensing a color trend yet?

Kim was destashing this beautiful Silky Merino Aran from Sundara in Green Tea. Current thought, February Lady Sweater. (She's posted some of her photos from camp. Man, we were silly this year.)

Did I mention that I finally steeked one sleeve for the GLMC while at camp?

Sadly, it hasn't been touched since.

I knit this one baby hat on the way to camp.

I started a second on my way home and--this part is going to start sounding familiar--I haven't touched it since.

I've been knitting a lot on Coraline.

The Cascade Pure Alpaca is dreammmmmy. But the sleeves on my sweater are giving me fits. The first go had to be ripped because it was crazy-huge. My gauge on double-points was so loose and floppy. I ripped it out and switched to magic loop on a smaller size needle and the sleeves still seem kind of huge to me. Do I rip again? I'm thinking maybe I'll cut off the bottom of the sleeve and work it into a slimmer fit.

And did you see Damson? Ysolda is releasing Whimsical Little Knits 2 one pattern at a time. The first is a dainty little shawl. I couldn't resist and cast on immediately with some sock yarn I got from Butternut Woolens a year or so ago at Madrona. It's indigo-dyed and gorgeous. It also bleeds like you wouldn't believe and turns my hands completely blue!

One last thing, since I have a photo. This is my sample swatch from my sock design class at Sock Summit. The yarn is Socks That Rock in a Rare Gems colorway. I was having a very difficult time finding a stitch that worked with this yarn. Lace didn't show, texture didn't show. Then I found this pattern in a stitch guide shown to me by Ellen and it was perfect!

I better go get some knitting done.

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August 10, 2009

You Are There

Remember those Walter Cronkite historical movies from the 70s, You Were There?

Here's the version for the Ravelry party at Sock Summit. You are there.

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More Sock Summit Recap or Holy Crap, I Bought a Lot of Yarn!

Thursday I took Cool Socks A from Lucy Neatby. She is such an excellent teacher I feel badly to have such a crappy photo of her.

I think I've mentioned before how she uses her instructional DVDs to illustrate and demonstrate techniques in her classes. It works so well. We made a sampler with Channel Island cast on, a short-row garter stitch heel, a stretchy bind off with or without picots.

I had extra time and also threw a double-knit heel turn into my sample. Her class materials are set up really well so you can move ahead if you already understand a technique. We also did a sample of her sock toe chimney technique. When you're ready to graft your toe you knit several rounds in a contrasting color waste yarn, stuff that tube into your sock and use the first row of the waste yarn stitches as a guide to your grafting. It is helpful for eliminating the little "ears" on the sides of a kitchenered toe. I think it would have been a very good technique for grafting the hood of Rogue.

Friday was Socks Exotica with Judith. Again, fabulous teacher, terrible photo.

We got samples of all sorts of luscious fibers and blends. Cashmere, yak, angora, silk...all heavenly. She also gave us blank business cards and one of those full-page plastic sleeves with pockets for business cards. We could write down the information on the fiber then stick small samples in each pocket. I will definitely do this for any future spinning classes.

Saturday I took an all-day sock design class with Anne Hanson. I was so tired and headache-y I left early. Also I think this would have been better as a half-day class.

There were so many beautiful things in the market. I brought home a lot more than I intended. Here is just some of what came home with me.

Hazel Knits merino/nylon sock yarn in Blacklight

Merino/silk from Red Fish

A sweater's worth of Miss Babs's 3-ply sport in Denim

Merino/tencel from Dye Dreams

Merino/Tencel from Wolf Creek

Merino/bamboo/nylon from Kitchen Sink Dyeworks

Merino/bamboo from Lisa Souza

More sport from Miss Babs

A shawl's worth of BFL from Dye Dreams

(I've got to get to work. I'll post more later including links to all these great vendors!)


August 9, 2009

My Best Moment of Sock Summit

While shopping at the market I stopped at Toots Le Blanc. Michelle Comancho is a lovely, lovely woman and now that she lives far from Seattle I always enjoy visiting her at shows and festivals. She was asking me a lot about knitting camp then mentioned that she had hoped to meet Meg Swansen but had not seen her in the market. I told her that Meg didn't strike me as much of a shopper. Not five minutes later I ran into Meg. I ran up to her and told her that I had to take her to meet my friend. Meg seemed dubious but obliged me and we rounded the corner of Michelle's booth I announced, "Michelle, I brought you Meg Swansen!" Michelle turned around and put her hand over her mouth as tears welled in her eyes. She recovered quickly and I left as she was introducing Meg to her beautiful yarns. I came back later and Meg was still there! I told Carl, Michelle's brother and business partner, "I think I made a love match." He agreed. Meg later told me that it was her favorite booth in the market and the only place where she bought anything. Michelle told me that she could just pack up and go home happy.

(I'll try to find time to post some pictures from the Summit tomorrow.)


August 7, 2009

Sock Summit Half-Assed Update

So far this is fairly awesome.
  • Cool Socks with Lucy Neatby. Lucy, as I've said before, is an excellent teacher and you should absolutely take classes from her whenever possible.
  • Knitting celebrities are everywhere. Sat by Ann Budd in class and nearly blurted out at her, "You're Ann Budd!" Glad I didn't 'cause I think she already knows that.
  • The marketplace opened for students only at 4:30. These knitters take their shopping very seriously. I may have bought some yarn.
  • Great dinner with knitters at Pok Pok.

  • Half-day spinning class with Judith MacKenzie-McCuin. Lots of gorgeous luxury fibers.
  • Shopping, shopping, shopping. Famous knitting people at every turn.
  • Yummy tapas dinner at Toro Bravo. Dropped a cup of chocolate sauce in my lap and down my legs. Shoes now smell chocolate-y delcious.

Tomorrow: Sock design with Anne Hanson. More shopping. More famous knitting people.

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May 26, 2009

Sock Summit Registration or That One Time When All the Knitters in the World Freaked Out at Once

Wow, that was a harrowing morning. After spending an hour hitting refresh and many crashes later I got myself registered for the Sock Summit. I'm hearing there may still be spaces in classes available so even if you couldn't register befor--or you thought your classes were all full--it's worth checking again. Good luck, everyone!


February 20, 2009


The Sock Summit teacher's list is up and it is nothing short of extraordinary. I am amazed. They are getting Meg Swansen to leave Wisconsin. Wow. I'm am booking a hotel room right now.