September 18, 2007

Stashbuster Spirals

Pattern: Stashbuster Spirals
Yarn: Odds and ends of Land Jawoll, Dale Baby Ull, Pingouin Laine nylon and Knitpicks Essential
Needles: US1 Addi Turbos
Notes: I made the woman's large size. I should have made a smaller size. These are kind of baggy. This is a great free pattern for using all those dribs and drabs of sock yarn.

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September 8, 2007

All Work and No Sleep Makes Jess a Dull....Zzzzzzzzzzzz

I'm tired people. Not like just, "Gee, I'm kind of tired" but "Good Lord, I AM BONE TIRED!" Nearly too tired to complain about how tired I am. And it's all because I'm an idiot. I have let my "normal" bedtime slide from midnightish to 1ish to 2ish to 3ish. I've gotten steadily worse all summer long. Now I feel like I'm dying and still I stay up late.

I was watching TV last night (finished Rome--gonna miss that one--and started Dexter) and I was too freaking tired to knit. Wouldn't a normal person just go to bed? Not me!

And today when I got home from work I tried to make another Harry Potter block and screwed it up at least six different times before it dawned on me that I just couldn't do it because I am so tired. So I went to "rest" which resulted in sleeping for two hours like the dead. I now feel like I may very well still be asleep.

I fear this lack of sleep all summer has been bad for my knitting. I can't concentrate. I can't do much of anything. I realized this morning that I pretty much missed a full page of instructions on my Stashbuster Spirals. It's okay. The socks are still fine. Hopefully they'll be done in another day or two, if I can stay awake.

In the meantime my latest blocks.

Quill dipped in ink

Flying Snitch

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September 5, 2007

The Thrill of the New

Sorry guys, it's more sewing. It's still all new and exciting to me.

Cute little bucket holding some fabric scraps. You may recognize the cows. I only broke one needle!

Another Dear Jane Block. This one came together very quickly and my seams are all nice and straight.

I'd show you the Tangled Yoke I started but my gauge was too loose so I'm ripping out and starting over. I also seem to have knit and ripped the same dozen rounds of my Stashbuster Spirals. I'm just starting to increase for the gussets.

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September 3, 2007

I'm Stashbusting! In Spirals!

This is a nifty little pattern.

I'm using up all my solid sock yarn scraps. They look too dull in the Sock Scrap Blanket. I love taking all these little dribs and drabs and making something attractive and useful from them. It does a number on your yarn though.

Knitting from both ends of three balls of yarn simultaneously creates some serious snarls.

I hosted another sewing get together yesterday. It's so much fun. We were all working on different kinds of projects. Sasha was knocking out these lunch totes and placemats at light speed. Amanda was in the home stretch on her Joel Dewberry throw (she even shared her scraps--I love those scraps). Molly was making a hooded towel for her baby.

I worked on my Shadow Star blocks for a while then started work on a quilt designed by my 9 year old son. You didn't know he was a quilt designer? Neither did I. When we were at the art museum last month in the textile gallery he said something really casual and off-hand, "something something the quilt I designed something something."
"Huh? You designed a quilt?"
"Yeah. In math class. It was a spider."
"Can you show me? We could do it together as a project."
"I just design 'em. I don't make 'em."

I may be biased but I believe the kid is a fricking genius. Even though I have to make it myself. Now my younger son wants a Pikachu quilt. Oy.

And one tiny bit more on sewing. I made two more Dear Jane blocks on Friday night. These are both pieced by hand. I'm definitely improving with each block. I'm very proud of the second one. It looks a little skewed in the photo but that's due to bad photography. It's actually very square. It's the most pieces I've done in a block by hand so far.

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