November 29, 2009

Is Wolf the New Black?

This morning, for no good reason, I started hunting around for the pattern for this Mary Maxim sweater.

It only comes as a kit. But then I found a vintage MM pattern online.

This is kind of awesome because it's a dude with a gun in a sweater. Covered in wolves. Awesome.

So then I headed to the mall to buy Younger Son some jeans. I walked into GapKids and there was this sweater.

Design swiped straight off the vintage sweater.

And then this all reminded me of this.

If you're unfamiliar with the Three Wolf Moon T-shirt meme then perhaps this informative video will help.


August 18, 2009

How Can You Tell When a Knit Goes Viral?

When your Friend's Activity page on Ravelry looks like this.

Vice Versa Socks

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Ysolda Ysummit*

Last night at Purlygirls my end of the table was having an impromptu lovefest for Ysolda. I was knitting on Coraline then Damson, and amusing everyone with how incredibly blue my hands were turning. Amanda was working on Ishbel. Jeanne was working on Ishbel. Erin had her finished Damson to show off. She had her finished Ishbel last week. Ishbel also seemed to be the "it" design of Sock Summit. Everyone was wearing one or knitting one or both.

Now, Ysolda is a wonderfully talented designer, and clearly I love her work, but it makes me wonder, why does a designer suddenly become so hot? What is it about her designs?

Another phenomenon I've been witnessing lately is the reaction to made in Brooklyn by Jared Flood. There is an absolute frenzy over this book right now. It's selling out quickly. Why? It's a great book. But what has elevated this one?

I'll have to ponder these questions while I continue to work on my all-Ysolda-all-the-time projects.

*Amanda came up with this last night.