February 21, 2010

Stitching For Sanity

Sorry to be so quiet. My hand is still very sore. I have it in a splint, am resting it as much as I can stand, am icing it and taking anti-inflammitories. I have an appointment to see a hand specialist on Friday. I have not knit a stitch in nearly a week. It makes me sad. The long-draw spinning I did last week was fun but I don't have any other roving and I don't want to waste nicely prepared top with messy long-draw spinning.

So to keep my sanity I've been doing a little stitching.

These are from Jenny Hart's Stitch-it Kit. (Geez, I guess it's discontinued because someone is selling it for $195!! Excuse me, my eyes just fell out of my head. What the hell? Jenny has a new book, Embroidered Effects, which is also great, and her Sublime Stitching Craft Pad is only $5.18 right now.) I love her style. I ironed this image on to a dishcloth back in the summer of '07.

I also pulled out an old needlepoint book I've always loved but never used, Needlework Animals by Elizabeth Bradley which can also be had for a song these days.

N for narwhal. It's just slightly over 6" square. I can stitch--slowly--with one hand. It's diverting and fun but it's not knitting.

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August 31, 2007

Instant Pikafication

After I finished the tea towels my younger son announced that he wanted to embroider Pikachu on one of his shirts. We went out and got all the supplies. I showed him how to make a running stitch and had him draw Pikachu on his shirt.

He lasted about an minute and a half. Then the whining and demanding that I do it kicked in.

Newly remodeled shirt

Close up

I have to go play Monopoly. Younger son is sick which is putting older son in a terrible mood. He doesn't like being stuck at home.

I'll have a finished quilt later today to share and hopefully I'll be able to slip out to buy yarn to knit the hem facings on my Seamless Hybrid because that's all ready too.

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August 28, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different

I suddenly got the urge to embroider. Jenny Hart's Stitch-it Kit has been sitting on my office shelf for nearly a year. This is such a fun, instant gratification project.