February 2, 2009

I'm a Northwest Icon

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June 3, 2008

Don't Look at Me

May 25, 2008

Two Weeks of Goats

After two weeks the yard has been transformed from a blackberry jungle

to a barren wasteland.

The big question everyone keeps asking is "Now what?"
I don't know. I know I want to get out the rest of the ivy and dig up all the blackberry roots. I know I want to put in a non-grass lawn (maybe some kind of thyme or other low ground-cover). Beyond that I don't know and frankly I'm a little stumped. I just need to move quickly before it all grows back.

The goats have been moved over to Molly's house. For those of you eating dinner along 45th St. last night, you're welcome for the free show with your meal. I'm thinking Molly and I were quite a sight walking two goats down the block. Interestingly many people didn't even notice. I miss those little cuties alreay. They sure are sweet.


May 20, 2008

Your Daily Moment of Goat Zen




May 17, 2008

Keep It Down, Will Ya!

I am trying to get in touch with my goat zen which is slowly losing out to my seething neighbor hatred. Here you can see just how noisy and disruptive a goat can be in the middle of the city.


Dear Passive Agressive Anal Retentive Neighbors

Bite me.
If you have a problem with the goats perhaps you could have talked to me, like a normal person, instead of filing a complaint with Animal Control. If I didn't hate everything about you before I do now.




Oh Goody

George Clooney and I will have something in common.


May 16, 2008

Breakfast of Champions

This morning I went out in the yard "just for a minute" to trim back what the goats ate last night. An hour and a half later I was still out there. My co-worker, Debbie, asked me yesterday if the goats have uncovered anything interesting. Does my neighbor's garage count?


I ran over to Erin's after that to record Doubleknit episode 2. I brought cupcakes. Erin said, "Yay, breakfast!"

Rebecca came by last night to take some photos with the goats.

Here is your daily moment of goat zen with awesome munchilicious sound.

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May 14, 2008

Competitive Bleaters

This morning I woke up when Wes started jabbing me in the arm. I knew immediately what was happening. The goats were bleating in the yard below our window. He must have thought I was talking in my sleep or something. For a few moments we lay in bed worried that the bleating would disturb the neighbors. But soon we couldn't hear goats because the other kids, our children, were running around screaming. They quieted finally too. Because our older son decided to squeeze in a little cello practice! Please people, we're trying to sleep here.

The new goats are much noisier than the other two. I never heard Obi-Wan make a sound and Obie would just bleat once or twice when I came outside. I pretended she was saying hello when I know she was really saying, "Please don't take my food." As she and Obi-Wan were being taken away yesterday they were frantically grabbing up every leaf they could reach on the way out to the van. As I clear the stripped branches the goat (both sets) run alongside me to make sure I'm not taking any of the good stuff. Don't worry, folks, there's enough to go around.

And now your daily moment of goat zen.


May 13, 2008

Life in the Goat Lane

Things are moving along pretty quickly.

Before Goats

After One Day

After Three Days

Wait a minute. Who are you?

Meet Spot and Speck. Obie and Obi-Wan got swapped out this afternoon. Obi-Wan's foot was bothering her. Her owners thought it would be better to replace them with some goats that were less pregnant. These two are boys so there's no danger of anyone dropping a kid while I'm at work.

As far as the progress goes, the goats eats leaves and small shoots. Then I come in with my loppers and cut off all the stripped branches and dead wood. There is a huge pile along the side of the house already. I don't know if I'm helping them clear the yard or they are just motivating me to do it myself.


May 11, 2008

More on the Girls

The goats are being rented from The Goat Lady. Last year I tried, unsuccessfully, to rent goats for the same job. All the places I contacted said it was too small a job and they couldn't do it. This year I heard about The Goat Lady from Linda K. and got in touch with her. My yard isn't fully fenced so the goats are on tethers that are staked in the ground. I can move them around as they clear. The goats will be here for as long as I need. It will probably be two weeks. It is likely they are both pregnant. I was told to call if anyone gives birth and they would bring a replacement goat. Like I wouldn't call if one of them gives birth!


May 10, 2008

Goat is the New Black

Today two goats finally arrived to eat my insanely, dangerously overgrown blackberry jungle yard.

Eat up, girls.

Goats appear to be taking over Seattle.

Yesterday's NYT had a this picture from the Getty Center.

There you have it. Goats are now "in."