February 16, 2010

Spinning for Sanity

So my arm is still really hurting. I went to knitting last night and tried to take it easy. I came home early. We all wanted to watch some Olympics coverage but I could not cope with just sitting in front of the TV doing nothing. Honestly, how do non-knitters do that? So I had Wes help me bring my wheel upstairs and did some long-draw spinning. It didn't hurt my arm and I spun 7 oz of mystery wool/mohair/whatever from Dawn's Custom Carding. I had it all plied before bed.

I tried to follow Judith MacKenzie McCuin's advice for worsted--under-spin the singles and over-ply it. This yarn came out fairly dense though since I was spinning more for sanity than for style.

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January 3, 2010


The new year has been pretty busy so far. We celebrated a quiet New Year's Eve at home with the boys. They got to stay up late to see the fireworks which makes them feel very mature. On New Year's Day we had a brunch at our house with a few friends. It was a really nice way to ease into the new year. On Saturday I went to the St. Distaff Day spin-in hosted by the Northwest Regional Spinner's Association. There was a very big crowd with lots of great vendors. I spent a lot of time spinning and catching up with people. It was very relaxing. I can't believe the kids are going back to school tomorrow. And I am heading back to work.

I've been working on Bitterroot for the the 10 Shawls in 2010 challenge. It flows along so nicely. Not quite mindless but still very simple to knit. The yarn is from Butternut Woolens, one of the skeins Shelly sent to me. It's wonderful and I think very well suited to the pattern. I also picked up some beads at the spin-in that I hope will work well with the shawl.

I hope your 2010 has been treating you well so far.

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October 16, 2009


I couldn't help but start spinning the fiber I dyed.

Camera phone photo, sorry.

It's great, easy spinning and I love the blue/green color.

Earlier this week I went to a talk by Kathy Hattori of Earthhues at Theo Chocolates.

Another rotten photo from my phone.

She brought this wonderful worsted-weight wool in 18 colors dyed from 3 dyepots. She explained her process and gave lots on info on some of the main natural dyestuffs they source. It was very interesting and I wanted to gobble up all this yarn!

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October 14, 2009

I Missed You

Ever since Saturday's spin in I've been really excited about my spinning again. I finished spinning the singles of this 4 oz. camel/merino and plied it on Monday. I intentionally put a lot of extra twist in the plying. I think I went a little too far and may run it back through my wheel to take some twist back out.

I started spinning this wool (with just a smidge of silk) on Saturday. It's a 6 oz. batt from Dawn's Custom Carding. I spun it up really quickly using a long draw. Then I plied it really tightly. I love the fluffy but tightly twisted yarn it produced and the tweediness the bits of white silk add.

Since I was on a roll with plying I pulled out two bobbins of down fibers I had spun as class samples for two different classes with Judith Mackenzie-McCuin. One was a year or two ago at the Whidbey Weaver's Guild spin in and the other was from Sock Summit. I plied them together. The thickness of the singles is all over the place but I think it's a fun yarn. I also plied this one a bit too much and will most likely remove a bit of that ply twist. I still have a big bag of sample fibers from these classes to spin up. There's cashmere, yak, bison, camel and a variety of blends using those fibers in there.

And while I was emptying bobbins I made up these mini-skeins of leftover bits from classes and whatever is left on the bobbin when you're done plying.

I have so many empty bobbins! I already started spinning a bit of the Corriedale I dyed last week. Oh, spinning, I missed you.

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October 12, 2009

Mount Corriedale

I dyed my Corriedale on Friday. As always I worried I was using too much dye when I, in fact, I wasn't using quite enough.

It's not quite as light as it appears in this photo. The flash kind of washed it out. I did manage not to make a mess of the roving. It's still fluffy like a cloud. I can not wait to spin it.

Speaking of spinning, I went to an all day spin in on Saturday. I finally finished some camel/merino that I've been working on for months. I bought it years ago at Madrona and never spun it up because I thought I'd ruin it. I managed to keep the yarn pretty soft without being underspun but the diameter is all over the place. I chalk that up to spinning it over a period of months. It was such a pleasure to spend that time at my wheel. I really want to spend more time spinning.


June 7, 2009

Weekend Whirlwind

This weekend is scheduled practically down to the minute.

Friday night was spinning at the shop. I finished spinning singles from the "Batt of Beast" I've been working on on and off (mostly off) for nearly a year and a half. I think that's some sort of record for 2 oz. of fiber! I still need to ply.

Saturday we hosted a party at a local park. Older son is graduating from elementary school. He wanted to have one last hurrah with his gang of friends before the summer. A few friends won't be going to the same middle school so it's a bit of a goodbye too. He invited all his friends to come to the park for games and a potluck lunch. Ten 11 year old boys eat SO MUCH FOOD. There was a pizza, two plates of pot stickers, veggie wraps, crackers, cheese, meats, quesadillas, brownies, cupcakes, strawberries, grapes, watermelon. And there was not much left when it was all done. Older son wanted to bring something special so we made the Fruit Pizza from Clare Crespo's Secret Life of Food. It's the same book that the sushi cupcakes came from. I only have Wes's cameraphone picture of it. It's just a big shortbread cookie with a sweetened cream cheese mixture on top with strawberry jam around the edges, then sprinkled with fruit. It's really tasty, a bit like cheesecake but with a crisp, cookie crust.

After the party ended we hurried home to get ready for a friend's wedding. It was at the Olympic Sculpture Park. It's the perfect venue for a wedding. The space is gorgeous with a fantastic view, the catering was very good and the staff was very nice.

Now today we have Older son's cello lesson, then a simultaneous birthday party (Older son's classmate) and baby shower (knitting friend of mine) and then we all head to the Seattle Storm game with a group from Wes's work! I think I'm going to have a very hard time getting out of bed tomorrow.

I did finish the back of Georgie on Friday. I cast on for the fronts but have only gotten in a few rows of rib so far.

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May 12, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything

I'm continuing to make slow progress on my GLMC. I still only work on it while at Purlygirls. I'm just a few rounds from starting the neck shaping.

Late on Sunday night I got to the armhole on the second sleeve of Lamour. I pulled out all the pieces and was preparing to join it all together when I realized that I was too fried and tired to think about it. But I still wanted to knit and made a rash decision to just knit the top of the front and back flat. So I'm working my way up the back.

I'm getting a little nervous about running out of yarn. I think I will make it but it's going to be close.

I've started a Babette blanket. I have 30(!) skeins of Rowan All Seasons Cotton that I've been collecting for a sampler afghan for years. Yesterday I bought a crochet hook and started a few blocks.

I'm quite sure I'm doing something not exactly right at the end of the rounds. I'm not sure I care all that much. They look all right.

I've been spinning a tiny bit too. I bought this "Batt of Beast" from The Artful Ewe two years ago. I started spinning it about a year and a half ago. It gave me a lot of trouble when I first tried to spin it. I spoke with Heidi about it and she suggested just blending it all up as much as I could before spinning. I've been tearing the batt into strips, rolling the strips up, pulling out a roving from the end of the roll, tearing the roving into short lengths and spinning from the fold. It makes a huge difference and the spinning has been much easier.

Just a little more to go. Look at all that cashmere. Yum.

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February 24, 2009

They Keep Going and Going and ...

Over the last several days I've been plying the merino singles I've been spinning for several months. The spinning was taking forever and I finally decided to start plying before finishing all the roving. I never do this. When I spin I always spin the singles then ply. But I couldn't take it anymore. I had to see that I was making actual yarn and not just filling bobbins with fiber. For some reason I think of finishing the singles as being "done" with a spinning project. I think the plying will take no time at all. Like binding off a knitting project. But it takes a really long time. I've spent time over three days plying this skein of yarn. Three days!

And it's only 330 yards! How is that possible? I also tried my darndest to overply this yarn. I was aiming for a tight twist. I checked frequently and thought I was getting the result I wanted but once the yarn came off the wheel I found it much more loosely plied than I thought. I will probably end up running it back through the wheel to add more plying twist.

Speaking of projects that go on forever, I worked on my Auburn Camp Shirt last night. (After I tired of all the sewing on the Asymmetrical Cardigan. Only a few hours left on that one.) I realized well into the night that I had been measuring from the wrong place for the shaping and ended up ripping out another inch of knitting. I reknit until late last night (this time with the shaping in the right place) and have "caught up" to where I ripped. For those keeping score, I have the back and one front complete and this part is the second front. I will finish this sweater, damn it. I will.

I'll end with a crappy picture of my sweater, among others, hanging in the window at Churchmouse.

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February 18, 2009


I didn't spend as much time knitting on my cardigan as Madrona as I had planned because I was seduced away by my spinning wheel. After Janel's class on Friday I didn't want to stop spinning. Ever. I spent all of Friday and Saturday night spinning my pink merino from OFFF. I'm this close to finishing the singles. The body of the sweater is just a few rows away from finsihed. Then there are is a lot of ribbing, bands and finishing to do. A lot.

I didn't get to take Judith MacKenzie McCuin's spinning class on fat yarns but it looked like so much fine I made my own when I got home.

This is just over a pound of New Zealand wool I got as a gift many years ago from Jeanne. It took no time at all to spin it all up and ply it. I have a jumbo flyer on my Ashford Traditional. I don't think it would have been as easy or fun without it. I'm going to try fulling it just for kicks.

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December 17, 2008

I Fall Into the "Oooo" Category

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November 9, 2008

Yellow Plus Black Makes Green

Did you know that? I always thought that you needed yellow and blue to make green. But a few years ago in a dyeing class with Judith Mackenzie-McCuin she pointed out that polar yellow combined with black will create a great green. Last night I tried it by over-dyeing this grey shetland I spun up in April with yellow. Too much yellow, unfortunately.

A little eye-searing. I'm going to wait until it dries and see if I can live with it. Otherwise I toss a little black over it to tone it down.

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November 2, 2008

Hola Amigos

That's what my younger son said to me when I got home.

What a great week.

We stopped at FOUR yarn shops on the way to the retreat. The first was The Artful Ewe. I gave in and splurged on 3 ounces of hand-dyed angora top. I was a little anxious about how well I could spin it but it was so easy to work with. I was able to spin and ply the whole thing during the retreat.I ended up with about 210 yards of sport/dk yarn. It's really soft and lovely. I'm very pleased.

I finished the baby dress. Then I realized that you shouldn't do centimeters to inches conversions in my head at 2 am. The dress is several inches shorter than it should be. I can't decide between ripping out the last 15 rows and bind off and reknitting or cutting them off and grafting them back on later.

I worked a lot on my hexagon blanket. It's getting bigger and more blankety.

I bought a lot of yarn at the stash sale.

I bought a lot of books and magazines at the stash sale.

I had a wonderful time. Next year I'm going for a full week!

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October 6, 2008

Pause for Crafting

I feel like I haven't had a moment of breathing time lately. I'm just rushed and running and always behind.

I took a lot of time out for myself this weekend though. I went to an all-day spin-in on Saturday. It was great to spend some time at my wheel. I have nearly finished spinning some merino singles that I started a few months ago. Yesterday I hosted a sewing bee and got loads done on my Blue Star Quilt. You can see all the blocks in my Blue Star Flickr set.I have 19 blocks completed and only need 30 for the quilt. This one is coming along really quickly. I had all my fabric cut and ready to sew which made everything seem very quick and easy.

I am just a few rows away from finishing the first front to my Auburn Camp Shirt! To celebrate I started a new project on big needles.

It the Huggable Hedgehog from Fiber Trends. I promised my son I would make one for him and have been putting it off. How long have I been putting it off? The receipt for the pattern says I bought it on September 30th of 2007! Whoops. Sorry, honey!

I'm off to work then to see the Harlot tonight. Next week Ann and Kay from Mason-Dixon will be in town. What a wonderfully fiber-rich town I live in.

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April 19, 2008


Dear Jane block, reverse applique

One ply silk from Chasing Rainbows, one ply coopworth loosely spun

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April 6, 2008

Whidbey Weaver's Guild Spin In '08

Another great spin in. I headed north very early on Saturday morning and got in a full day of spinning. I spun and plied 4 oz. of Shetland roving from Sporfarm (no website) that I bought at Black Sheep two years ago. This fiber comes from a sheep named Gizmo. I love that.

After a dinner of an outstanding bacon blue cheese burger (thanks, Linda K!) there was lots of chatting and laughing while knitting at the hotel.

On Sunday I spun and plied my other 4 oz. of Shetland.

I don't know the yardage. I didn't bring my own niddy-noddy. I borrowed two different ones and don't know the length for either.

I had this much left after plying. This is also something I love.

Judith MacKenzie McCuin was the instructor this year. She gave a talk on bison very similar to the one she gave at Madrona earlier this year and taught a workshop on three wild downs (a class I took with her at Madrona last year). But it's always wonderful to have time with Judith. Unfortunately with 200 spinners and only one Judith she barely had time to make it around the room to speak with us in small groups.

I didn't buy anything. I don't need anything and I see most of these vendors at several events each year.

I really need some sleep but am dying to keep on spinning.

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January 5, 2008

Still Mo Spinning

Yesterday I plied the rest of the samples from my Madrona class.



I also attended my first St. Distaff Day. Along with 200 other spinners. It was packed!

I started out trying to spin my Batt of Beast I got in November. This was tricky to spin and I just wasn't up for the challenge.

The batt is not very thoroughly blended so every time I got to down fiber section (yak, cashmere, camel)it would fall apart because the down fibers need more twist. I also didn't have my wheel adjusted properly and was trying to spin the finest thread I could. It became too frustrating so I moved on to Rose, the Corriedale fleece I got earlier this year. I've only combed a small part of the fleece but realized that I should probably just start spinning it now and can comb the rest as I go. It's been in a plastic bin for months and when I pulled it out I realized that I had not scoured the fleece very well. It was stiff and slightly tacky. It wasn't too hard to spin but I did want to wash a small sample when I got home. I made a two foot sample of a 2 and a 3-ply. I put them in a cup with some very hot water and some Dawn dish soap. The water immediately changed from clear to murky gray. Ewww. I really did not get this fleece very clean. Oh well. I'll spin it up then wash the skeins in the hottest water I can get.

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January 4, 2008

Spin Mo

Margene and Carole have come up with a little spinalong. I have really been neglecting my spinning and love having this little nudge. So last night I shut the computer and did some plying on the class samples I started spinning back in November while catching up on Stash and Burn podcasts.. I did a Navajo ply to keep the color more distinct. Here's the first 142 yards.

Still creeping along on the second Bayerische sock. Still sick. Blech.


November 9, 2007


This square thing hit me hard on Wednesday. These five were all knit in a day. After using up all my leftover yarn from my Lupine Lace socks (just a coincidence that they matched my pedicure), I turned to my little skein of spinning class sample yarn. It's one ply of merino from Judith Mackenzie McCuin's Color in Plying class and one ply of camel-yak-bison-cashmere from the Three Wild Downs class. It's goofy looking yarn but soooooooooooo soft. The fifth square came out too small. I tried to convince myself it was close enough but seeing it with the other squares it is clearly too small. I'll have to rip it back to the center and add in more increase rows in another yarn.

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October 28, 2007

New Knitter

Today I had Sasha and Erin over for a little Spinning 101. Erin is borrowing one of my wheels so I spent some time plying odds and ends off of bobbins to free them up for her. I made a cute, though odd, skein (which I forgot to photograph) of all the spinning from my Three Wild Downs class and my Color in Plying class from Madrona this year. So now I have very colorful, very soft and completely erradically spun yarn. I also used up a lot of dribs and drabs of things just laying around. I've searched high and low and am still missing a bag full of storage bobbins with who-knows-what on them.

While Sasha was over she gave me a quick introduction to the knitting machine. This is going to take some time to learn. Here's my first attempt.

I had some *cough* problems on the edges.

My second attempt had much better edges.

The center left a little to be desired.

I currently understand nothing about this process. I'm hoping to get good enough to simply make blanks to dye a la Nancy Roberts. My fantasy idea is to make Kauni-like sweater. Who knows what my reality might be.

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October 17, 2007

The State of Pomatomus

So here we are. I have one sock done with three leg repeats. I have have one sock done up to just past the gusset decreases with two leg repeats. I have this much yarn left. Now I get to knit up that last bit of yarn, rip out the top of the first sock and reknit the ribbing. Then use whatever extra yarn that produces to knit the remainder (hopefully) of the second sock. If it's not enough, and I'm thinking it's not, I then move on to ripping out the toe of the first sock and knitting both toes with another yarn. If I were I more motivated knitter, and I'm not, I would rip out everything and start again on a smaller needle doing only two leg repeats on both socks. But that, my friends, is never going to happen.

Here's a tiny peek too at the tiny bit of spinning I've been doing lately. My fiber blending class samples from Madrona.

The garish colors made more garish by night photography.

I'm going to see Crazy Aunt Purl tonight at Pacific Place. Who else is going?

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October 14, 2007

Cheating Cheater

I cheated on Screen-Free Sunday today. But I have a really good excuse. I was interviewed by Jenny and Nicole of Stash and Burn! As Jenny would say, "Yay!" It was really fun to talk to them. I felt like I knew them already from listening to their podcast so much.

I finished the first Pomatomus last night. Just for kicks I weighed the remaining yarn. 47 grams. Okay. Then I weighed the completed sock. 67 grams. Crap! I'm going to knit the second sock with one less repeat on the leg then I'll rip back the first sock to match it I guess. What a waste. They're so pretty all nice and tall.

I've been doing a little bit of spinning lately. I'm finally spinning all the samples I made in Jill Laski's fiber blending class at Madrona last year. The fiber is lovely to spin but the colors were *ahem* experimental. I also overdyed the cormo/silk I dyed a few weeks ago. I got closer to the color I wanted. If it doesn't morph into something heinous overnight I think I'll call it good.

I also made a trip to a fabric store. I tried to resist all the fabric but a pretty good chunk came home with me. I basted my son's spider quilt to ease my guilt feelings. I now have four quilts that need to be quilted (three are partly quilted).

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October 3, 2007


445 yards of fingering weight yarn. It's very *ahem* irregular. This bat is from Dawn's Custom Carding. It's the fourth or fifth one of here's I've spun. It wasn't as nicely prepared as the others. There was tons of VM. The silk also just doesn't blend in as nicely as wool or mohair. It's very soft and squishy though and I'm happy with it.


August 5, 2007

Do I Know How to Party or What?

Wes and the boys went off to visit my in-laws this weekend. I went pretty nuts.
First, on Friday night I went to spinning at the shop. I'm ashamed to admit that it was the first time I touched my wheel since the first Friday of last month.
Then when I got home I tried to tackle continuous bias binding for the Lotus quilt.

It's a little mind-bending. Then I spent a very, very long time trying to make the two ends of my binding meet at a nice 45° angle. There was a lot of cursing and ripping out. I finally just fudged it. It looks fairly shitty in that one spot. I can live with it.

On Saturday I went to Bainbridge Island with six other Purlygirls. We hit the sale at Churchmouse, visited the farmer's market, got lunch and went to the fabric store. When I got home with all my fabric goodies I saw that I really have a problem. There was a fat quarter bundle waiting on the front porch that I had mail ordered. I had just bought a fat quarter of one of the fabrics. Then I realized that I had already bought one last week. This is the third time in the last few weeks that I've purchased fabric only to find that I already own some. At least my taste is consistent.

Before Wes left I asked him to turn the water heater all the way up. After nearly killing myself getting in to the shower (hot!) I knew the water was hot enough to clean some fleece. I pulled out the corriedale I bought this year at Black Sheep. It got two good, long, hot soaks. It came out very clean. This evening I cleaned the rest of the targhee I bought at Oregon Flock and Fiber. It came out very clean too. Mostly. It's very clean, fluffy and white with hardly any grease left but there are still patches that are unspeakably filthy. I don't know how to best deal with this. I guess I'll collect up the grossest parts and send them back in for another soak. The entire house smells sheepy and warm right now. I think it's wonderful. For Wes and the boys, not so much.

So Saturday night Wes snuck back to Seattle and we went out for dinner at Tilth (so delicious) and we saw The Simpsons Movie. If you like The Simpsons you will love the movie. I laughed very hard. Wes then had to slink back to his parent's house. I stayed up way too late sewing the borders on the County Lines quilt and piecing the backing.

Today I had to work. But first I ran to Jo-Ann's to get batting for County Lines. A word to the wise, don't buy white batting in a dark colored shirt. I spent the rest of the day covered in white fuzz.

I started a Gypsy Shawl for the shop out of Cashsoft 4-Ply.

Even thought I'm on the really easy part of the shawl right now I made some strange little error that I tried and tried to fix. I finally gave up and ripped but then realized after knitting several rows that I hadn't ripped back far enough. I did this over and over. I left work with 3 rows fewer that I had at the beginning of the day.

Evelyn Clark stopped in the shop today so I got to show her the quilt I finished last week. She'll be delivering copies of her book to us on Tuesday!

Then tonight I made my first attempt at foundation paper piecing. The first square went pretty well.

Messy foundation block

All clean!

The second block was like the shawl. Stitch, rip, curse, repeat. I finally got the damned thing finished and accidentally trimmed off the seam allowance on one side. Shit! I decided I'd just trim them all down and I'd have blocks that are half an inch smaller. I may change my mind tomorrow and just scrap that block. I'm only planning on making four or six to make a little baby quilt. We'll see how I feel about it later.

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June 27, 2007

Geez, That Took Long Enough

After another night of plying, plying, plying the Artful Ewe merino is finally done.

It's about 470 yards of fingering weight yarn.

While I had the camera out I thought I'd take an update shot of the sock yarn blanket. I worked on it quite a bit this weekend. It's perfect car knitting.

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June 26, 2007

Still on a Fiber High

Plying takes time. I always forget that. I spin singles and think, "Now I just have to ply it." Last night I sat down at my wheel at 11:30 with my poor attempt at Navajo plying from this weekend and the two full bobbins of merino. I plied and plied and plied. I finished the first bobbin at 2 am. I have no idea why I didn't just stop at a more resonable time.

I got my fleece last night.

First prize for variegated medium wool. Mmmmm. (I forgot to mention it's a Corriedale.)

I spread it out on a sheet on the deck and pulled out any short cuts, globs of poop (hardly any!) and bits of veg. This is a very clean fleece. Of course, once I put it in the washer the water immediately went to that sickly green-brown. Blech. I let it sit in the sun and heat up before washing. I thought it might help soften up the grease. The first batch is in its second soak right now.

I got some more little bundles of wool/mohair roving from Dawn's Custom Carding. I love these. They're quick and fun to spin and really inexpensive.

I bought, spun and plied this one on Saturday.

I also picked up these two skeins of Corriedale 3-ply fingering weight yarn.

I might use them for Anemoi Mittens or Endpaper Mitts. Or they may be socks.

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June 23, 2007

Fleece Lessons

Day one of Black Sheep was amazing. We left Seattle at 6:30, stopped for a nice breakfast along the way and made it to the fairgrounds at 12:30. After a quick tour of the vendors (and seeing lots of familiar faces) I found out that Judith Mackenzie-McCuin was the fleece judge. I ran over to the fleece judging. Unlike last year's judge, who would look through the fleeces and rank them, Judith shared as much information as possible. She discussed class standards, what makes a healthy fleece, how certain fleeces should be prepared, what garments would best be made from them, etc. I stayed for several hours taking in all the great information. I fell in love with a few fleeces too.

I finally finished spinnign the merino top I got from The Artful Ewe last November. I attempted to Navajo-ply it. My samples skeins were horrible. One dreadfully over-plied. One pitifully under-plied. I also finished my first Welsh sock and got loads done on my sock yarn blanket.

I believe I have managed to take one photo.

More later.

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April 29, 2007

Stupid Sinuses

I've had some miserable sinus thing going on for about a month now. I've been knocked out by headaches. If you see me and I'm grimacing, don't worry, it's not you.

Yesterday was spent at an all day spin-in at Weaving Works. I got a little help fixing the connection for my treadle. It was too long and the making treadling a real chore. My wheel is behaving much better now. I had one of those days where I didn't quite have the touch with the fiber. My rhythm was off or something but it was a bit of a struggle at times. I have just a little bit of the blue/brown merino that I have been spinning for a few months left to do.

Today we did a little exploring. It was opening day for the West Seattle Farmers Market. We don't go to West Seattle often and Seattle magazine had a little article this month on it. The market was nice and very similar to the other neighborhood markets we have in Seattle. Someone from the rather twee-named Coffee to a Tea with Sugar was giving out free mini-cupcakes. I had a mocha one and it was dense, moist and rich. Very nice. The balloon man was there.

There was also a horse-drawn carriage taking people around. We never figured out where it went or where to get on. We stopped at Bakery Nouveau which has been getting great reviews. It's the head baker from Essential Baking Company which I love. It's a lovely little shop. More heavy on pastries than sandwiches. Although they were just bringing pizzas out as we were leaving. The pastries--apple danish and chocolate croissant--were deliciously flaky and light.

I've had a bad run of Netflix rentals. First I got Mr. Show. I found it unwatchable. Honestly, I let it go for a while but I couldn't stand it. I skipped to the next episode which was also completely unwatchable. Popped it back in its envelope. Then I tried Little Murders. I like Jules Feiffer; I like Elliott Gould. Couldn't stand this. Could not bring myself to finish it. So then--now I was really going out on a limb here--I got Battlestar Gallactica. I hate sci-fi. Like hate, hate, hate it with very few exceptions. But everyone keeps raving about this show and saying it's not really sci-fi. So I tried it last night. I didn't hate it. I also was a little more interested in knitting my shawl. I also foolishly thought that "Battlestar Gallactica: Season 1: Disc 1" would be the beginning of the series. But no! Battlestar Gallactica: The Miniseries is the beginning so I kept asking Wes to explain everything to me. Of course, he hadn't seen the miniseries either. But he has seen the 70s tv show so he had some sense of what was going on or what the heck a Cylon was.

So with all the headaches, spinning and running around I've made very little progress on the shawl.

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April 1, 2007

Whidbey Weaver's Guild Spin-In '07

Last year I forgot my camera. Not this time.

I really don't recommend trying to snap photos while driving. But I was all by myself and Deception Pass is really beautiful.

The rest of the shots look like this.

I tried also to get a photo of the Chinese restaurant in the really ornate, fake Dutch house.

I didn't get the windmill in the shot.

Kaye Collins was the lecturer/instructor this year, speaking about camelids.

Our fiber packet had 10 little samples in it, including Guanaco, camel, llama and alpaca. There was also a teeny, weeny piece of Vicuna to touch. Not enough to spin. Apparently it's very difficult to spin.

At events like this all the wheels start to group together. As I looked around my spinning circle the Betty Robertsons looked like they were ready to thrown down with the Louet S-90s.

A woman had a new Louet Victoria wheel with her. That thing is tiny! I thought it was Lendrum-sized but I was wrong.

Please note Dansko clogs for scale.
Tiny. Tiny wheel.

I'm still spinning some hand-painted merino I bought from Heidi Parra in November.

When I got home I snapped a shot of my sock.

Then I ripped it all out.

There are no photos of the haul because I did not buy one single thing. Stunning, I know. But if you could see the stash, you'd understand.

Coming tomorrow: The C Word

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